To get a driver’s license, an applicant must pass a written test and a driving test. Past records show that 80% of the applicants pass the written test and 60% of those who have passed the written test pass the driving test. Based on these figures, how many applicants in a random group of 1,000 applicants would you expect to get a driver’s license?

Accepted Solution

Answer:480 applicantsStep-by-step explanation:Firstly, we were told 80% will pass the written test. This means out of those 1000 people, 800 people will pass the written test. That us established according to the information. Secondly, we were told that 60% of those who passed the writing testpassed the driving test and eventually got the license.Thus, we evaluate 60% of 800 and this equals 480.Hence, in a random sampling of 1000 candidates according to previously generated data, 480 would be expected to receive their driving licenses.